Natalia Poniatowska
born in Poland, living in Glasgow

2014-2018 Fine Art Photography, BA (Hons), Glasgow School of Art, Scotland
2013-2014 B&W Photography Course, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland
2008-2012 Photography Course, MDK Bytom, Poland

Tiger Camera Photo Book – Family 2014 “Family Play”
Black Wall Magazine issue #9 and #11
F-Stop Magazine issue #62
BBC News On Pictures – Postcards From Home /27/01/16
Longing For Belonging 2016- Self Published Photo Book, on sale in Street Level Photoworks and Good Press, Glasgow
Nikon Europe, Nikon Poland, Nikon UK, Nikon Russia – 08/17 -Finding the Beauty in Eastern Europe’s Ugliness
British Journal of Photography 09/17

2011 Festiwal Sztuki Wysokiej, Bytom, Poland
03 2012 Fotografie, Galeria Pod Sztrychem, Bytom, Poland
2014 You Build On Mackintosh, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland
03 2015 Retraction, exhibition and open studio, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland
05 2015 Fresh From Poland, Pauza, Krakow, Poland
06 2015 Wet Denim Trackie, SWG3, Glasgow, Poland
06 2015 White and It Is Not Your Skin, Wee Theaters, Sloans, Glasgow, Scotland
07 2015 Analogue Exhibition, Scottish Fashion Creative Network, The Biscuit Factory, Edinburgh, Scotland
09 2015 Koniecpol, Wee Theaters Glasgow, Sloans, Glasgow, Scotland
11 2015 Postcards from Home, Glasgow School of Art, Scotland
11 2015 From somewhereto_with Love, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Huddersfield, Bristol, Derry, Nottingham, London and Wakefield
02 2016 Drying Green Collective, Broadcast, Glasgow, Scotland
02 2016 SYZYGY, Grace and Clark Fyfe Gallery, Glasgow, Scotland
06 2016 25% Extra, Laurieston Arches, Glasgow, Scotland
04 2017 Here is the Future, Now, 12 Star Gallery, Westminster, London, England
04 2017 420 Sauchiehall, Glasgow Open House Festival, Scotland
04 2017 The World Is Your Lobster, The Art Park, House for an Art Lover, Glasgow, Scotland
04 2017 Glebia Spojrzenia, Metaforma cafe, Krakow, Poland
05 2017 #SHOWMEYOURUFO, Galeria Szara Kamienica, Krakow, Poland
08 2017 ATMO 8 / 8, ARCHIP Architectural Institute, Prague, Czech Republic
07 – 10/2017 RSA Open, Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, Scotland
28/10-16/11 #SHOWMEYOURUFO, Noorderlicht Photography Festival, Groningen, The Netherlands
04/11- 30/11 BEHIND, citizenM, Glasgow, Scotland

02 2017 Tomato Soup, Artists Film Screening, Centre For Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
04 2017 Tomato Soup, 420 Sauchiehall, Glasgow Open House Festival
09 2017 Tomato Soup, Bytom Film Festival, Poland
02 2017 Longing For Belonging, Zine Talk at Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow


I set off seeking light and photography is the best tool with which to find it.

My relationship with my home country – Poland – is something that fascinates me, as it’s only when
I live far away that I want to go back and capture the life that is not changed.
Poland is for me very safe place, as I have never experienced the reality of adult life and problems over there. Childhood memories cause my nostalgia.
The point of view is not from the inside and not from outside either. I’m someone in between, someone who only comes back for few days a year and record the banal of everyday life.
I long for belonging. I want to capture places I used to be part of.

Trying to find beauty in Eastern Europe’s ugliness is one of my photography goals.

I am not one of those who looks at the darkness with no fear.

Through my work, I aim to express emotions I feel at a specific moment.
My photographs are not planned like we cannot plan feelings.

I want the viewer to move beyond merely ‘looking’, and to feel something more deeply. I want them to undergo a process of personal discovery, as I do when I make images – I want them to be able to articulate that ‘something’ for themselves. I believe in art’s ability to transform.

I work with light and colour.
I work with their absence.

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